It's been very cold these past few days.
Don't forget to stretch as your muscles will shrink.

Koshiro-yaki Nakahira kiln in the birch district is holding the first sale until 12 this weekend!
It seems that the stamp card will be doubled during the period.

In addition to the lineup of standard works, there are also works with the motif of a zodiac ox on a plate of a congratulatory sea bream, which is like New Year's.

I can't go because of the cold weather! There is also Nakahira Kiln's online shop, so
See also Zehi.

Kodaiyaki Nakahira kiln online shop

Kodaiyaki Nakahira kiln HP

Countermeasures against the new coronavirus are also being implemented at the exhibition hall.

【小代焼中平窯 令和三年の初売り】
場所:小代焼中平窯 荒尾市樺1192

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