An annual Thanksgiving Day is being held at Arao Olive Village in Kyushu, located in the birch district at the foot of Mt. Kojima.
Olive oil from Arao using olives harvested this year is on sale.

Olive hand cream, soap, olive-dyed miscellaneous goods, etc. are also on sale.
There was also a corner selling vegetables and roasted sweet potatoes at the foot of Mt. Kojima.
The experience of making a wreath using olives (reservation required) was also crowded with many customers.

It's cold in the morning and evening, but it feels warm in the daytime.
Lunch boxes are also planned to be sold.
Why do not you relax in the comfortable Olive Village surrounded by nature?

If you drive for a few minutes, you will find a kiln such as Shodai ware nearby.
You can also enjoy visiting the kilns together.

Don't forget to take measures to prevent infection.


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