Last week's typhoon was hard. .. ..
It was a busy weekend.

The typhoon is a typhoon, although the power is weaker than originally planned.
Even Mr. Pear Garden, the pears that are about to be harvested have fallen.
After all damage has come out.

At such times, let's buy Arao's specialty pear and support pear farmers! !!

Today, I would like to introduce Mr. Abe Orchard.

At "Abe Orchard", which has a direct sales office diagonally in front of FamilyMart in Sakurayama
Currently, "Akizuki" is on sale.
It's a juicy and delicious pear with little sourness and sweetness.
In the future, "Akizuki" and then "Kanta" will be harvested!

Ama is a new variety and is a sweet pear for soft and juicy flesh.
There aren't that many on the shelves, so if you can meet them, please try them!

10 In March, "Niitaka", which is familiar as Arao Jumbo Pear, will also appear!

Pear juice and jam gifts are also on sale.
Perfect for gifts! !!


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