Stay in Arao

From resort hotels adjacent to amusement parks to business hotels where you can easily stay, Arao has a wide variety of accommodation options.
Whether you are not satisfied with your day or staying for business, we are ready to serve you.

Arao Hotel


Hotel Verde

Resort style where you can fully enjoy the hotel life

The appearance that imaged the Colosseum of the ancient Roman Empire is impressive. Not only are all 104 rooms spacious, but there are also rooms where you can spend a luxurious time, such as colorful rooms reminiscent of the fun of the adjacent Greenland and suites with a kitchen and living room.
There are also restaurants and natural hot springs, so you can fully enjoy your hotel life away from everyday life.


Hotel Blanca

A hotel in Greenland where you can play and stay as it is

Located in Greenland, this hotel is very convenient for those who want to play for a day.
The hotel 1 floor doubles as a clubhouse on the Green Land Resort Golf Course, so it's perfect for those who want to spend their time playing golf. There is also a large public bath with natural hot springs and a family bath where only family and friends can take a bath.


HOTEL AZ Kumamoto Arao

Free delicious breakfast for guests!

A hotel that can be used widely from sightseeing to business. In addition to being reasonably priced, it is also popular for guests to receive a free breakfast.
All clean and functional rooms have internet access. There is also an izakaya, so it is recommended for those who want to enjoy the night leisurely.


Business Hotel Isuzuso

Anyway convenient for business and sightseeing!

In addition to single and twin rooms, there are also triple rooms, as well as Japanese-style rooms where you can relax. It is convenient because there are convenience stores and restaurants nearby.
In the morning, there is also a free coffee service for guests. All rooms are compatible with wireless LAN.