Arao Tourist Information

Things to watch, things to do, things to learn. Lots of fun to forget about everyday life!

Arao City is not only blessed with the sea, mountains, leisure facilities, art and food, but also has a historical heritage that is indispensable to the modern history of Japan.
There must be something you want to see and learn.

I want to visit again and again!
The scenery of the four seasons welcomes you

A history exploration full of learning, discovery and inspiration from ancient times to modern times

It's fun to get lost!

Arao's gourmet food is rich in variety! Family and friends are all very satisfied with the taste

Forget about everyday life and relieve stress! A lot of great leisure! The joy is exceptional after the experience of harvesting and making by yourself!

Memories and souvenirs that can only be obtained in Arao!
Introducing Arao's representative special products and popular delicious foods

From resort hotels to business hotels, there are a variety of facilities that you can choose according to your purpose.