privacy policy

The Arao City Tourism Association (hereinafter referred to as "the Association") considers that it is the responsibility of the Association to carry out its business activities to protect the privacy, personal information and settings of customers.

Regardless of application from our website, inquiries, application by application form, inquiries by e-mail or telephone, the following information (hereinafter referred to as "personal information") that can identify a specific individual specified by the customer It shall be handled as per.

Personal information is information that can identify you, such as your name, address, telephone number, and email address.

When our association collects personal information, we will clarify the purpose of collection and collect personal information within the necessary range.

We will endeavor to properly manage the acquired personal information and prevent leakage, falsification, and unauthorized intrusion of personal information.

In principle, we will not provide or disclose the acquired personal information to a third party except in the following cases.
1. When there is a formal written cooperation request or inquiry from a person who has legal inquiry authority
2. With your consent

If a customer wishes to inquire or correct his / her personal information, we will respond only if we can confirm that he / she is a customer by the method specified by the Association.
The Association will comply with Japanese laws and regulations applicable to personal information held by the Association and other norms, review the contents of this policy as appropriate, and strive to improve it.



Inquiries regarding the handling of personal information

For confirmations, requests and inquiries regarding personal information, please contact the following.

Arao City Tourism Association
〒 864-0001 Haramanda, Arao City, Kumamoto Prefecture 200 Address 2
Telephone (representative) 0968-57-9155