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Hotel Verde

Hotel Verde

A resort style hotel that offers a quality hotel experience

Visitors will be impressed by the hotel's striking resemblance to an ancient Roman coliseum. Facilities include restaurants and natural hot springs, ensuring a memorable hotel experience.

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Hotel Blanca

Hotel Blanca

A hotel within Greenland for fun and relaxation all in one place

Located within Greenland, the first floor of the hotel is also a clubhouse for the Greenland Resort Golf Course, making it perfect for those on golfing holidays. Facilities include a natural hot spring public bath and a natural hot spring private bath for you and your family.

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Kamenoi Hotel - Kumamoto, Arao

Kamenoi Hotel - Kumamoto, Arao

Enjoy a delicious complimentary breakfast.

The hotel caters for a wide range of guests; from holidaymakers to visitors on business. Available to all guests, the complimentary breakfast is a popular service of the hotel. Free internet connectivity is available in all rooms.

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Many restaurants can be found in the area surrounding the hotel.

Many restaurants can be found in the area surrounding the hotel..


  • Tokyo--Airplane(90 minutes)--Fukuoka Airport--Car(90 minutes)--Arao
  • Tokyo--Airplane(95 minutes)--Aso Kumamoto Airport--Car(80 minutes)-Arao
  • Tokyo--Airplane(95 minutes)--Aso Kumamoto Airport--Airport Bus(50 minutes)--Kumamoto StationTrain(45 minutes)Arao
  • Osaka--Airplane(65 minutes)--Fukuoka--Car(90 minutes)--Arao
  • Nagoya--Airplane(75 minutes)--Fukuoka--Car(90 minutes)--Arao
  • To Fukuoka: 90 minutes by car on the expressway, or 90 minutes by express bus, 5 minutes to Hakata Station by subway
    – 1 hour from Hakata Station by express train.
  • To Nagasaki: 15 minutes by car to Nagasu Port and then 45 minutes by ferry to Nagasaki.
  • To Kumamoto: 1 hour by car, or 45 minutes by JR train.*Aso, Kumamoto: 1 hour by car.*Amakusa, Kumamoto: 2 hours by car.
  • To Aso Kumamoto Airport: 55 km, 80 minutes by car.
  • To Tamana Hot Springs: 15 km, 20 minutes by car, or 15 minutes by JR train.
  • To Yamaga / Hirayama Hot Springs: 35 km, 45 minutes by car.